Case Study

Bolder Together

Joining Forces to Increase Impact

How can foundations help build movements for opportunity and social change... and win? An innovative partnership of 10 foundations is working in four counties in California to increase civic participation in communities of color and among low-income populations. A case study on the effort explores what’s unique about this funder collaborative aimed at collective impact, what it’s accomplished so far, and where it’s going.

California Civic Participation Funders is made up of a diverse group of funders*, including the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, who are  working on a wide range of progressive policy issues, from community health and immigration to economic justice, LGBT equality, criminal justice and women’s rights.

In a case study published by the Haas, Jr. Fund, representatives of the partner foundations reflect on how the group came together, what keeps everyone at the table and what’s working (so far) to support civic engagement efforts in the four targeted counties. Among the keys to the collaborative’s success: a unique model of autonomous decision making where each of the participating foundations selects which parts of the larger group’s strategy to support.

*The California Civic Participation Funders is a network of nine grantmakers, including: California Endowment, California Wellness Foundation, Color of Democracy Fund, Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, James Irvine Foundation, McKay Foundation, PowerPAC Foundation, Rosenberg Foundation and Women's Foundation of California.