National Immigration Law Center

The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) has been working to protect the rights of low-income immigrants for more than 30 years. NILC’s attorneys have won significant legal victories protecting immigrants’ access to the courts, their right to due process, and their workplace rights.

Today, NILC plays a leading role in the continuing effort against policies and laws that undermine basic rights for immigrants. With general support from the Haas, Jr. Fund, NILC provides expert analysis of key proposals, training for local attorneys and immigrant advocates, and litigation to challenge constitutional and due process violations. Another NILC priority: raising public awareness about detention conditions and other issues affecting low-income immigrants.

NILC is headquartered in Los Angeles and is also a strong presence in Washington, DC. In addition to supporting litigation and advocacy in California and other states, the organization has been an active participant in the national debate over issues from Department of Homeland Security policies to comprehensive immigration reform. 

“Immigrants are an integral part of the fabric of American society,” said Marielena Hincapié, NILC’s executive director and a national leader in the immigrant rights movement. “For too long, our flawed and ineffective immigration system has kept them apart from loved ones and made it difficult for them to fully participate in the communities they live and work in.”