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The Haas, Jr. Fund has been nurturing a private-public partnership in San Francisco to expand education opportunities for the youngest students in our communities. The Fund’s goal is to promote educational success and to help close achievement gaps that keep too many children from achieving their full potential.
“Many people like to believe that American children are generally doing quite well in school—but by the fourth grade, more than half of white and Asian-American children cannot read at grade level. For Latino, black and American Indian children, the numbers are even worse. More than 80 percent cannot read at grade level.”(America’s Vanishing Potential, Foundation for Child Development report, October 2008)
In San Francisco’s poorest neighborhoods, only 20% of low-income African American and Latino third grade students are reading at grade level.
“The achievement gap is our critical area of focus. Our goal is to increase access and equity for all students. Most school systems will allude to an achievement gap but won't address it directly. It's really a social justice issue.” -SFUSD Superintendent Richard Carranza
Closing the achievement gap means seeing school preparedness in new, interconnected ways including strengthening transitions from home to school, aligning curriculum between PK-3 and elementary schools, enhancing teacher professional development, empowering parents to become advocates for their children and engaging families, communities and policy makers to make these community-wide priorities.
By closing the achievement gap, we can address inequality and create opportunities for the most vulnerable students in our communities.
Early interventions can prevent poor school performance from limiting children’s options as they grow up. There is ample research and real-world evidence to indicate that a focus on early education can deliver significant benefits for a group of children who are now left behind in our schools.
Children performing at grade level by third grade set the stage for higher achievement throughout their education, which in turn prepares them for successful careers into adulthood.
The future of our community hinges on a much-needed boost in school performance. Early intervention can help make a critical difference in a child’s school success, paving their way towards higher education, economic mobility and expanded opportunities.


Closing the Achievement Gap

By creating opportunities for the most vulnerable students in our communities, we can close the achievement gap and increase the chances for success in life.

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