Adela Gaytan

Program and Grants Associate

Adela supports the Fund's Haas Leadership Initiative, and helps train staff on the Fund's online and cloud systems.

Adela is program and grants associate with the Haas Leadership Initiative. In this capacity, she supports the Fund’s senior director for leadership and grantmaking and the project director of the Fund’s Flexible Leadership Investment Program, which is experimenting with new and groundbreaking ways to strengthen nonprofit leadership.

Adela also has trained staff on the Fund’s online and cloud systems that allow for more efficient processing of grants and applications.

Adela joined the Fund in 2003 after working for seven years at the Volunteer Legal Services Program of the Bar Association, which provides free legal and social services to thousands of low-income individuals and families in need. She graduated from University of California, Davis, with a B.A. in cultural archaeology.


Adela Gaytan

Movements run on strong leadership, and we’re working to make sure they have the leadership they need to make a difference.