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We invest in risk-takers and visionaries who are dedicated to making a positive difference in people’s lives. Grantees are the backbone of our work and an ongoing source of inspiration.

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The Haas, Jr. Fund invests in cross-movement work that involves more than one issue area. To search for these grants, please select an issue area from the dropdown menu and type the second issue area in quotes in the search field. Example: Select Gay and Lesbian Rights and enter keywords "Immigrant Rights".

For exact grantee searches, please put your search in quotes. Example: "Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy".

$601 Million in Grants

Big, complex issues require an enduring commitment. We support organizations that are bold enough to take a stand and courageous enough to see it through.

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67 Years of Changemaking

Our grants reflect an understanding that lasting change takes time, and grows from the combined effect of small successes. As such, we support initiatives that can deliver immediate gains as well as those that generate long-term solutions.

As grantmakers, we ask ourselves how best to support social movements as they work to achieve real and lasting change.

Sylvia Yee, Former Vice President of Programs