Connecting PreK-3 in California Schools

Leadership and funding are key to ensuring alignment

Child development is a continuous process. A new report highlights need for alignment between PreK-3 and how to get there.

The new report, “PreK-3 Alignment in California’s Education System: Obstacles and Opportunities”, from Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) identifies the essential elements for school districts to implement an aligned PreK-3rd grade approach to ensure that the skills and competencies children gain in high-quality preschools are not lost as they transition to kindergarten-3rd grade programs.

The PACE report, which was published with support from the Haas, Jr. Fund, identifies some of the challenges to bringing alignment between the two very different systems of PreK and K-12. Among the key recommendations are an increase in funding for greater curriculum alignment for the early years, and strong leadership by school district officials.

Alignment, or lack of it, says Stanford University education professor and report co-author Deborah Stipek, can have major impacts for students and their future opportunities.

Download the report or read an article summarizing its findings, below.