PreK-3rd for School Success

A new beginning for American education

This video for educators and policymakers highlights the value of the PreK-3rd system in action at South Shore School, a public school in Seattle.

All children should have equality of opportunity, no matter which home, neighborhood or social class they are born in to. But that isn’t always the case in this country. One of the most powerful tools to helping even the odds for all kids is an investment in early learning.

The South Shore School in southeast Seattle is a model place to try to tackle the opportunity gap that too often holds back educational outcomes for minorities and low-income students. Serving a PreK-8 student body that is 50% African American, 30% Asian, 13% white and 7% Latino, 56% of South Shore’s students receive free or reduced price lunches. By starting earlier with PreK, addressing each student's learning strengths and challenges, engaging families and the community, and fostering social and emotional development along with academics, the school is getting strong results for all its children.

This video was produced by the New School Foundation and the Foundation for Child Development. Download and share the video here.