Parents, students, and teachers reading together Photo by Friends' Central School

Prioritizing Pre-K

San Francisco supports parents and teachers to make sure kids are ready to learn

An Education Week article spotlights SFUSD's innovative work to give parents and teachers the information they need to strengthen early learning.

As part of a broader effort supported by the Haas, Jr. Fund to close achievement gaps in the city’s schools, the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is exploring an array of promising strategies for improving early education for all students. A recent article in Education Week spotlighted two strategies aimed at providing parents and teachers with the information they need to support early learning success.

The article was written by SFUSD Superintendent Richard Carranza, along with Stanford University Professor Susanna Loeb and Benjamin York, the executive director of Stanford’s Center for Education Policy and Analysis Labs (CEPA Labs). In it, they tell the story of how the district has started providing information to parents of young children via text message about easy ways to support early literacy development. The authors also report on a new, easy-to-use measure that allows teachers to assess the degree to which Pre-K students are ready for kindergarten, and where they may need extra support.

Both of the strategies highlighted in the article are detailed in a recently published case study of San Francisco’s pre-K-3rd grade strategy, The Power of a Good Idea.