Transforming America's Primary Education System, student reading to teacher

Transforming America's Primary Education System

How integrating early learning can close the opportunity gap

This PowerPoint by the Foundation for Child Development concisely describes the benefits of PreK-3rd integration.

The evidence is mounting that early learning is one of the most potent tools schools have in fighting the achievement gap for minority and low-income students. But it isn’t enough to just tack on PreK to regularly scheduled primary education. Instead, Ruby Takanishi, former president of the Foundation for Child Development, makes the case that we need to transform the way we do primary school education in America.

By building integrated PreK-3rd systems, we can ensure that gains made through early education are preserved through elementary school and have a lasting impact on high school graduation rates and life success. This PowerPoint, presented in 2012 by Takanishi for a U.S. Department of Education webinar, describes early learning on the PreK-3rd strategy, its effectiveness in improving students achievement, and where it is being implemented as the first building blocks of a 21st century cradle-to-career public education system.