Helping nonprofit leaders and their organizations succeed

Social change requires strong, capable leaders, but across the country, nonprofit organizations are tackling tremendous challenges with limited resources. Investing in leadership development makes a big difference: stronger leaders build stronger movements and catalyze lasting and transformational change. 

Reimagining Leadership

To make extraordinary, enduring breakthroughs, movements and organizations need bold, imaginative leaders with big visions and robust staying power.

The private sector invests billions of dollars into leadership development because they know that skilled leaders are a powerful investment. Leaders who have the opportunity to reflect on their strategies, hone their skills, and grow their networks, make better choices, innovate solutions and forge genuine collaborations.

Leadership Information Kit: Download our leadership kit to learn more about all the ways we work to help social change leaders get better results for their organizations and movements.

Putting Transformation Into Action

At the Haas, Jr. Fund, we help movement leaders better their skills so they can navigate tough challenges, overcome obstacles, and make a positive difference.

We work to advance the field of social change leadership in three key ways:

The Flexible Leadership Awards (FLAs)
The FLA program engages executive directors, senior staff and board members to think expansively about where their organizations want to go, and what kind of leadership it will take to get them there. The program consists of three elements:

  • Flexible funding: In addition to ongoing funding, FLA grants offer support for three to five years to address leadership  opportunities and challenges.
  • Peer learning: The cohort of FLA grantees meet regularly to exchange ideas and provide mutual support.
  • Strategic Advice: Each organization is paired with a consultant to develop and implement a leadership development plan.

Additional Leadership Investments
The Fund has also helped to establish two signature fellowships that address critical leadership challenges and prioritize collaboration and diversity in the immigrant and gay and lesbian rights movements:

Sharing what we’re learning
We are working to expand the dialogue on leadership development in the social change sector. We want to share the ideas and resources that inspire us in order to encourage other funders to invest in leadership and help organizations and movements achieve collective success.

“No matter how urgent and how dynamic the particular moment is, we are in organizations that are in this for the long haul. We have to also make sure that we’re taking care of ourselves, taking care of our staff, taking care of our leaders, and nurturing and growing our organizations.”- Reverend Deborah Lee