Family Leadership

The leadership of the Haas, Jr. Fund has carried on from its founders, Walter A. Haas, Jr. and his wife, Evelyn, through the next generation of the family. This leadership has shaped and directed the Fund’s core vision of a just and caring society, where all people are able to live, work and raise their families with dignity.

In 1995, when Walter A. Haas, Jr. passed away, Evelyn decided to involve her three children in more significant leadership positions. She and her son, Walter J. Haas, served as co-chairs of the Fund until she passed away in 2010. Now, Walter J. Haas serves as chair, Robert Haas as treasurer and Betsy Haas Eisenhardt as secretary.

The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. family has worked closely with the Fund’s staff to translate their parent’s vision within the current context of today’s most challenging community and social problems. With their leadership, the Fund has confronted some of society’s most pressing and complex issues, including immigration reform, gay and lesbian rights and reducing racial and economic disparities in educational achievement to move people out of poverty and into family-supporting jobs.

Through their commitment and experience in grantmaking over the course of two generations, the Haas, Jr. family has recognized that, to achieve some of the Fund’s aspirations for societal change, it must work at the local, state and national levels. This includes working toward the goal of helping government and the private sector effectively bring their resources to bear on some of our society’s greatest challenges

We are looking ahead to the future, ever dedicated to finding ways the Fund can make a unique contribution to this very special place in which we live.
- Evelyn D. Haas