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Teaming to Help Immigrants Become Citizens

| by Cathy Cha in Immigrant Rights

Why Five Grant Makers Came Together to Form the New Americans Campaign

Cathy Cha, Angela Cheng, Leslie Dorosin, and Geri Mannion on the five principles that are essential to successful collaborative grant-making efforts.

This article was originally published in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Six years ago, five grant makers came together to form the New Americans Campaign because they believe immigrants can and do…

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Unite Letter from the VP

Searching for a New Program Director to Lead Immigrant Rights Work

| by Cathy Cha in Immigrant Rights

Haas, Jr. Fund Seeking Program Director for Immigrant Rights and Integration

At a time of great uncertainty for immigrant communities, the Fund is seeking a dynamic and strategic leader to oversee and strengthen its immigrant rights work.

The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund is searching for a program director to lead our immigrant rights and integration work. The job requires a bold, passionate, creative leader—someone who can work with us and…

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Naturalization Ceremony

How Citizenship Made Our Family’s American Dream Happen

| by Cathy Cha in Immigrant Rights

Reflections on the power of citizenship

Program Director, Cathy Cha, shares the story of her immigrant father and how the New Americans Campaign is working to eliminate the barriers for naturalization.

During Welcoming Week, I am reflecting on the story of my immigrant father and the act of citizenship that made our family’s American dream happen. My father, Hyoju, was born on a rice farm in South Korea. At age…

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Trail of Dreams and Rep. Luis Gutierrez

What’s Changed About the American Dream Today

| by Cathy Cha in Immigrant Rights

On the new immigration climate and what immigrant communities can do

Program Director Cathy Cha reflects on the importance of creating more avenues for civic participation—and collaboration.

This piece was originally published by Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, here. Why are you passionate about advocating for AAPI communities? As the daughter of Korean immigrants, I'v…

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Asian community members march for immigrant rights

Taking on Wedge Politics

| by Cathy Cha in Immigrant Rights

On race, wedge politics, and what philanthropy can do

Program director Cathy Cha guest blogs for the Bay Area Justice Funders Network on how foundations can help confront tough issues as they come up.

With people of color now firmly in the majority in California, the long-term outlook for progressive causes in the state is bright. But conservatives got a taste of a winning formula last year when they used wedge p…

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Clergy members and other protest deportation of immigrants in Oakland

A Temporary Setback to Executive Action

| by Cathy Cha in Immigrant Rights

Despite uncertainty, now is the time for philanthropy to be bold

Program director Cathy Cha talks about the temporary halt to President Obama's executive action and what it does, and doesn't mean.

Last Monday, a federal judge in Texas put a temporary halt to President Obama’s executive action on immigration. Legal experts widely believe that President Obama’s executive actions are constitutional and will ulti…

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