Mission Statement

Crissy Field Moonrise © David Sanger

The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund seeks to fulfill our founders’ vision of a just and compassionate society where all people have the opportunity to live, work and raise their families with dignity.

The Haas, Jr. family’s love and deep appreciation for the vitality and beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area and its diverse people and cultures inspire our work. Guided by the values of fairness, equality and opportunity, we are compelled to confront injustice and some of society’s most difficult issues. In all our work, the Fund strives to be a voice of hope and a force for positive change.

Motivated by our values, the Fund seeks to:

  • Support equal opportunities for immigrants to become active citizens and achieve the American dream.
  • Advance the cause of full equality for gays and lesbians, with a focus on equal marriage rights.
  • Close the opportunity gaps in San Francisco’s public schools to even the odds and improve life chances for all students.
  • Build the skills and abilities of organization and movement leaders so they can advance the cause of social change.
  • Strengthen the Bay Area as a community, with spaces and institutions that bring people together and enrich lives.