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Build the Skills
of Movement Leaders

The Haas, Jr. Fund strives to broaden the reach and impact of our longstanding leadership investments through new partnerships with other funders and the creation of an independent leadership development initiative, The LeadersTrust.

Reimagine Leadership

To make extraordinary, enduring breakthroughs, organizations and movements need imaginative leaders with big visions, robust staying power, and the ability to raise resources for the long haul.

The private sector invests billions of dollars in leadership development because businesses know that skilled leaders are a powerful investment. Leaders who have the opportunity to reflect on their strategies, hone their skills, and grow their networks make better choices, innovate solutions and forge genuine collaborations.

Rea Carey

I can’t say enough about how important leadership development is. (I)t’s like adding protein powder to your other grants. If you want your other grants to be successful, if you want your grantees to do the best job in meeting their deliverables and moving the ball forward in their movements, you have to invest in leadership development.

Rea Carey, former Executive Director, National LGBTQ Task Force Foundation

Put Transformation Into Action

The Haas, Jr. Fund has been working to strengthen nonprofit leadership for more than 15 years, chiefly through our support for the Flexible Leadership Awards (FLA) program.

No matter how urgent and how dynamic the particular moment is, we are in organizations that are in this for the long haul. We have to also make sure that we’re taking care of ourselves, taking care of our staff, taking care of our leaders, and nurturing and growing our organizations.

Reverend Deborah Lee, immigrant rights organizer