Helping Neighbors

Since 1986, the Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund has channeled the Bay Area’s compassion into emergency assistance for neighbors facing hard times.

Help Prevent Homelessness and Hunger

For too many people and families in the Haas, Jr. Fund’s hometown and surrounding counties, unexpected crises can trigger a downward spiral to poverty and homelessness.

By providing short-term support to help people stay in their homes and meet emergency needs, the Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund plays a critical role in preventing homelessness in our community and enabling hard-working families to get back their feet.

For the one in four local households living in poverty, one lost job or one medical emergency could push them into homelessness overnight.

Due to the need to limit social engagement to slow down the spread of COVID-19, there is an increase in applications for assistance.

Families need help paying rent so they can stay in their home.

Covering a security deposit can help a person transition out of a homeless shelter.

How We’ll Get There

Provide Critical Support
for Those in Need

Thanks to the generosity of Bay Area neighbors, the Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund is able to provide assistance when it is most needed, while federal, state, and city governments deliberate on longer-term solutions.

Approximately 85% of every donation goes towards housing and critical family needs, and 15% goes towards food assistance—these donations are allocated throughout all the nine Bay Area counties based on population and need.

  • Tap into local community needs. More

    Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund is able to draw on longstanding partnerships and robust infrastructure to help prevent hunger and homelessness. Through the expertise of county coordinators in nine Bay Area counties, who in turn work with over 150 different agencies, SoS can keep its finger on the pulse of community needs.

  • Keep food on the table. More

    Food banks throughout the Bay Area are working with school districts to provide grab-and-go meals at designated pickup sites, while bundling more food into these grab-and-go packages so a family can have enough food for multiple days.

  • Help the whole person. More

    Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund partner agencies link applicants up with other forms of assistance—for example, a family that comes in seeking rental assistance also receives information on how to access food, education programs, workforce development programs, and vice versa.

  • Make every dollar count. More

    Thanks to the support of the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund and the San Francisco Chronicle, every dollar donated goes towards helping neighbors in need.

Program Staff

Lisa Marquez-Valenti Read Lisa’s Bio

Lisa Marquez-Valenti Program Associate

Lisa plays an important role in the Fund’s College Success and Community initiative work.

It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to help our Bay Area neighbors find the support they need to stay in their homes and rebuild their lives after a crisis.

Zev Lowe, Executive Director, Season of Sharing Fund