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We are looking ahead to the future, ever dedicated to finding ways the Fund can make a unique contribution to this very special place in which we live.

Evelyn D. Haas

Founded On Values

Walter A. Haas, Jr. and Evelyn Danzig Haas started this foundation in 1953, inspired by their vision of a society in which every person has opportunities to thrive and to live life with dignity and hope.

Walter and Evelyn’s vision is at the heart of the Haas, Jr. Fund’s commitment to tackle some of society’s most pressing and complex issues. Rooted in the Bay Area, the Haas, Jr. Fund is guided by an enduring set of core values:


We celebrate the rich differences in human identity and embrace the perspectives of all people.


We are guided by the wisdom and voices of people and communities working for change.


We believe in the transformative power of working together to advance a shared vision.


We take a stand to make a deep and lasting difference on urgent social issues.

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I always seemed to have a consciousness about people who really struggled with great challenges and adversity, while trying to live positive, productive and healthy lives. Evie and I wanted our Fund to help those in need and to try to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s most gratifying when the Fund, quietly, can help people help themselves.

Walter A. Haas, Jr.

Board Leadership

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Our Areas of Focus

Under the family’s leadership, the Fund leverages its partnerships and grantmaking to make a positive difference across six priorities:

It’s in the genes…

Philanthropy runs deep in the Haas family. Walter A. Haas, Jr.’s great-great-uncle, Levi Strauss, founded the legendary company and became a generous philanthropist in the San Francisco Bay area. Walter and his wife, Evelyn Danzig Haas, continued the family tradition with the creation of their family foundation in 1953.

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A Tradition of Changemaking

Building on a long family history of philanthropy and community leadership, the Haas, Jr. Fund partners with other organizations to find common ground, to dream, and to take action to improve people’s lives. In our local community, throughout our state and across the nation, the Fund strives to advance rights and opportunities so that all people can have a chance to live the American dream.

Crissy Field

Crissy Field

Once a military airfield, Crissy Field was created through unprecedented community input and volunteer efforts, and continues to serve as a place for connection and inspiration for all.

San Francisco Unified School District

San Francisco
Unified School District

Despite being one of the highest-performing urban districts in California, too many students are still being left behind. District leaders and teachers are helping to improve life chances for all kids.

Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund

Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund

Since 1986 the Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund has channeled the Bay Area’s compassion into emergency assistance for individuals and families who are facing hard times.

New Americans Campaign

New Americans Campaign

There are eight million eligible green card-holders who live, work and pay taxes in this country, yet only about eight percent of them naturalize each year. NAC is working to help reduce the barriers to citizenship for aspiring Americans.

Freedom to Marry

Freedom for All Americans Education Fund

Freedom for All Americans works to coordinate and implement public education campaigns to increase understanding and support for the need to protect LGBT people from discrimination.

Flexible Leadership Awards

Flexible Leadership Awards

The FLAs provide long-terms leadership support to grantees who are working on some of society’s most pressing social issues, while dealing with the day-to-day challenges of leading their organizations.

$695 million in grants,
71 years of changemaking

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