A Park for All

Once a military airfield, Crissy Field is now a beloved gathering place for people to connect with nature and each other. In 2021, we celebrate 20 years of Crissy Field.

A Story of Community

The Crissy Field we know today was created through unprecedented community input and volunteer efforts.

Throughout the design process, planners gathered feedback from the public to make sure the park would be accessible to everyone, so that a larger and more diverse community could walk and play in—and take stewardship over—this great national park in San Francisco’s backyard.


Crissy Field has attracted millions of visitors from the Bay Area, the nation and the world.


It offers an iconic view of the Golden Gate Bridge, open spaces, and a central promenade enjoyed by people of all ages.


The Crissy Field Center was created as a place where people from throughout the Bay Area would be able to connect to the park.


The Center aims to encourage new generations to take up the work of building a healthy and more environmentally just society.

How We’ll Get There

Crissy Field Next

Now 20 years after its restoration, continuing the transformation of Crissy Field has become important with a growing urban population, unique natural and cultural features, and a changing climate. Crissy Field Next aims to enhance the area’s many current uses, while improving ways for people to gather, create, and play.

Program Staff

A community working together can achieve great things.

Walter A. Haas, Jr., Co-Founder