Stanford University - Center for Education Policy Analysis

Grants Awarded

  • $80,000 2017

    To develop reports synthesizing equity findings from California education policy research project and organize related convenings. $80,000

  • $200,000 2016

    To evaluate a multi-lingual preschool texting program to improve its effectiveness in increasing parent engagement and student learning. $200,000 over two years (2016-2018)

  • $175,000 2014

    To the Center for Education Policy Analysis (CEPA), to extend a preschool texting program to kindergarten parents to support their child's literacy at home. $175,000

  • $72,000 2012

    To create kindergarten readiness standards and for teacher and principal trainings. $72,000

  • $152,000 2011

    To implement an early literacy assessment program for San Francisco students in preschool through first grade. $152,000