What Does the Haas, Jr. Fund Mean by Leadership?

Black Alliance for Just Immigration meeting Photo by Black Alliance for Just Immigration

Examining what’s at the heart of leadership development

Leadership incorporates both the personal and the organizational, the vision and values, the day-to-day, and the larger movement contexts.

Leaders are driven by a strong sense of mission and social purpose and have a searing passion for making a difference. They are able to interpret their environments and discover possibilities, craft and communicate a shared and compelling vision of the future, and translate that vision into clear strategies and achievable goals.

In the process of taking action, they continually engage the hearts and minds of staff, board members, constituents, allies and funders—while learning, innovating and adapting to change along the way. In all of this work, their own clear values guide their judgment and behavior.

Not only do these leaders respect and embrace diverse voices, but they are also able to work across boundaries—of ethnicity, class, organizations and communities—to gain the commitment and alignment of stakeholders needed to advance their agendas. Departing from traditional notions of individual leadership, these leaders instead exemplify a collaborative leadership that taps the collective talents of various stakeholders.