African American immigrant rights leader Photo by Black Alliance for Just Immigration

All Together Now?

A look at race in a changing California

This 2011 report looks at demographic data to paint a more complete picture of how African-Americans and immigrants are living together in California.

No longer a majority-white state, demographics in California are changing fast, and with that we need to adjust our understanding of race and interethnic relations. News stories too often sensationalize supposed clashes between African-Americans and the growing immigrant and Latino population.

This 2011 report from the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration at University of Southern California digs deep into data on residential integration, wage and employment outcomes, and best practices of grassroots organizers to understand what’s happening in neighborhoods where these groups meet and mix. The result is a more nuanced view of the future of California that opens up the possibility of new advocacy alliances to empower neighborhoods to make their collective voices heard.