2010 Census, US census form mail Photo by Quinn Dombrowski

Investing in California Census Outreach

Counting hard-to- reach populations in California

In 2009 the Haas, Jr. Fund worked to help ensure the critical 2010 census reached every part of our diverse state.

On the surface, the census may not be the most exciting topic in politics. But its results have implications for nearly every area of government policy, from the federal to state to local levels. In 2009 and 2010, the Haas, Jr. Fund and other private foundations supported efforts to ensure that the most recent census counted as many people living in diverse and complex California as possible—even those in hard-to-reach communities such as immigrants who do not speak English, college students and people who are wary of authorities. “We are funding a lot of networks of trusted messengers who can get the word out,” said Cathy Cha in this 2009 news article. “Those are the kinds of relationships the government doesn’t do well.”