Mujeres Unidas Photo by Kathy Sloane

Managing Transitions

What happens to a nonprofit when executives change hands?

This 2009 book walks readers through the difficult choices and incredible potential that can come with nonprofit leadership transitions.

Every year, about 10 percent of nonprofit executive positions change hands, and the rate of turnover in the sector’s leadership ranks is growing. How can organization manages the transition from one executive to the next can make or break its efforts to deliver ever-improving results for the communities it serves.

The Haas, Jr. Fund has long been interested in what it takes to ensure effective executive transitions in the nonprofit sector. Through our Flexible Leadership Awards Program, we often support organizations in the midst of transitions – providing exiting and incoming leaders with the tools and the resources they need to keep their organizations on a path to success.

Now comes a new book packed with solid, practical advice for nonprofits on executive transition management. The Haas, Jr. Fund is proud of the support we provided to author Tim Wolfred while he was preparing Managing Executive Transitions: A Guide for Nonprofits. We hope it proves an important resource for boards and executive directors as they seek to make leadership change an opportunity for organizational growth.