Sabbatical Photo by Gideon Tsang

Sabbaticals Deliver Results

Time off for nonprofit leaders can lead to lasting change

This 2009 study looks at sabbaticals as capacity building and leadership development, not just time off for leaders.

Running a nonprofit organization can be an enormously stressful job, especially in challenging economic times. One answer to making the job less stressful is the sabbatical.

Commonly thought of as an employment perk in the academic world, sabbaticals are gaining favor in the social sector as a way to help nonprofit leaders find the rejuvenation they need to stay productive in their jobs and bring new perspectives to bear on the work of their organizations.

A new study funded in part by the Haas, Jr. Fund affirms that sabbaticals are an important tool for leadership development and retention in the nonprofit sector. Entitled “Creative Disruption,” the study explores the experiences of five philanthropic organizations that provide sabbaticals to nonprofit leaders.

Like many other foundations, the Haas, Jr. Fund is always looking for new ways to support nonprofit executives. The Creative Disruption study provides important insights about how sabbaticals can help individuals and their organizations succeed.