“We Don’t Serve Your Kind Here.”

Half of LGBT Americans at risk of discrimination under current law

Report and TV ad shine a spotlight on the unequal patchwork of protections for LGBT people in public places from movie theaters to restaurants and more.

In the majority of U.S. states, people can be denied service in a restaurant, kicked out of a taxi cab, or denied access to a bathroom—just because of who they are or whom they love. That’s the alarming conclusion of a new report from the Movement Advancement Project (MAP). The report and an accompanying television ad highlight how “public accommodations” laws provide an unequal patchwork of protections for LGBT people across the country. The result is that half of LGBT people face a very real risk of discrimination and harassment in public places. The report outlines clear steps that lawmakers, advocates and business owners can take to help ensure that when businesses serve the public, they serve everybody equally.

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