A Community For Everyone

The Haas, Jr. Fund’s founding values—fairness, equality, and opportunity—inspire all our work, including our partnerships to make the Bay Area a stronger community for all people.

A Tradition of Community Building

Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr., loved this special place they called home. They wanted everyone to be able to benefit from all that the Bay Area has to offer.

Today, the Fund continues our founders’ community-building tradition, working with local partners to create places where all people can access the Bay Area’s profound natural beauty and enjoy expanded opportunities to learn, play and grow. The Fund also supports direct services for our neighbors most in need.

Our Community Grantees

We have a long-term relationship with our Community grantees. Through our Bay Area partnerships and initiatives, we continue to work toward our founders’ vision of a more just and compassionate society.

Please note that grants in this area are by invitation only.

A community working together can achieve great things.

Walter A. Haas, Jr., Co-Founder