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The Hero’s Journey

| by Raquiba LaBrie in Education Equity

Students Reflect on How They Made It to a Four-Year Degree

Undocumented graduates’ stories show the value of investing in critical supports and services for a very vulnerable population.

People who study storytelling know that one of the universal themes found in the ancient stories of many cultures is the “hero’s journey.”  During this journey, heroes grapple with fear, encounter guides who he…

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San Francisco Unified student reads at school

The Next Big Thing in San Francisco

| by Sylvia Yee in Education Equity

Great public schools

In an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle, VP of Programs Sylvia Yee talks about the difference that Vision 2025 can make in kids' and families' lives.

From the Gold Rush days, San Francisco has been a city of entrepreneurs and innovation. It is home to some of the world’s finest cultural institutions and most savvy and creative businesses. At the same time, income…

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Campanile (Clock Tower) at UC Berkeley

What Does a Fair and Inclusive Society Look Like?

| by Sylvia Yee in Education Equity

How research and community collaboration are coming together at Cal

The Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at U.C. Berkeley is asking hard questions, and transforming research into impact.

I recently had the pleasure of spending my Monday evening on the Cal campus, in beautiful fall weather at the foot of one of the university’s most recognizable landmarks, the Campanile. I was there to hear about a n…

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Education Equity Starts with Vision & Leadership

| by Sylvia Yee in Education Equity

Envisioning a brighter 2025

Vice President of Programs Sylvia Yee talks about the San Francisco School District's exciting, and difficult, work to transform public schools.

I am excited to share the latest news about the San Francisco Unified School District’s work to transform public education, close the opportunity gap and improve lifetime chances for all of our city’s children. T…

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