Investing in Kids' Lives Through Sports

Leveling the playing field

Haas, Jr. Fund Chair Walter J. Haas on the transformative power of youth sports, and the importance of bringing sports programs to low-income communities.

“There wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t see the power of sports and how it could captivate kids in such a deep and meaningful way—unlike anything I’ve ever seen before,” said Haas Jr. Fund chair Walter J. Haas, speaking to a young reporter about Team Up for Youth, now called Coaching Corps. “It made us think about this idea: what if we could use this vehicle of sports to get kids what they need.”

Walter Haas, who is also chair of the board of Coaching Corps, discusses the disparities in access to youth sports programs between affluent and low-income communities. “We want to level the playing field for all kids to be able to experience the life lessons and teaching moments that sports can provide.”