Sharing the Model

How one program is helping Dreamers navigate the additional hurdles in college that come with being undocumented

The Undocumented Student Program at Cal provides students with academic counseling, mental health services, financial and legal help, and more.

U.C. Berkeley has become a national leader in providing undocumented students with the services and support they need to stay in college and thrive. In this video, hear from university staff including Meng So, director of the Undocumented Students Program, about how Cal is supporting these students with a range of services, including academic and mental health counseling, emergency financial relief and financial aid counseling, legal services for immigration procedures, and more.

The video shows what happens when students are welcomed and affirmed for their full identities, including their undocumented status. It is an especially helpful resource for other universities, programs and organizations who are interested in supporting the success of undocumented communities across the country.