We Stand for Immigrant Rights

People come to the United States for the promise of freedom and opportunity. How we follow through on that promise defines us as a nation. The Haas, Jr. Fund’s immigration work is rooted in our founders’ respect for the immigrants they saw working for a better life, and in an abiding belief in fair and equitable treatment for all people.

Immigration Makes Us Stronger

In the next decade immigrants will play a crucial role in ensuring the workforce growth that is essential to future U.S. economic success.

Boosts the Economy

A modernized immigration system will lead to higher wages and increased tax revenue to support essential government functions that benefit us all. Immigrants establish companies, create jobs, and drive innovation.

New citizens average higher earnings, become more engaged in their communities, and can participate politically.

Creates Opportunity

People come to the U.S. to provide better opportunities for themselves and their children. Immigration has enriched American communities throughout history.

More than 5 million children under age 18 live with at least one undocumented immigrant parent.

Strengthens Families and Communities

Families are stronger and more stable when parents and children can stay together and have opportunities to thrive.

Unleashing Potential

More than 11 million people are living in the U.S. without legal status. Eliminating barriers to immigration creates opportunities for these aspiring Americans, allowing them to unleash their potential, fully participate in society and contribute to the country they call home.

The United States needs a fair and efficient immigration system so that undocumented immigrants can join the mainstream of society and stop living in the shadows. It’s time to change the system so that:

Skilled workers

who contribute to the economy can be joined by their families.


can recruit foreign-born workers to meet the country’s labor needs.


who graduate can go on to share their skills and realize their dreams.


across the nation can be protected from exploitation and discrimination.