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What Does It Take to Support Leadership and Effectiveness in Movements?

| by Linda Wood in Leadership

Investing In The Movement Organization and The Movement

With so much at stake for the social change movements, Senior Director, Linda Wood writes about how we must listen to leaders about what they really need—and to work as hard as we can to help their organizations and their movements succeed.

This article was originally published by the David & Lucile Packard Foundation. The Haas, Jr. Fund recently convened two groups of grantees working on immigrant and LGBT rights in California. In the course…

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A Grantmaker’s Reflections on Strengthening Nonprofit Fundraising

| by Linda Wood in Fundraising

Cracking the Code of Long-Term Fundraising Success

Senior Director, Linda Wood speaks to how the changes in Washington are impacting nonprofit organizations and fundraising.

This article was originally published in Advancing Philanthropy, Spring 2017. It is undeniable that the changes underway in Washington and beyond will touch every sector of society, including nonprofit organiza…

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Fundraising Answers Are All Around Us

| by Linda Wood in Fundraising

How are some social change organizations achieving standout fundraising success?

Hint: It’s less about the latest tools and techniques, and more about organizational culture, leadership and discipline.

“Let’s find an outside expert who can help.” It’s a natural impulse in the search for answers to the chronic fundraising challenges facing so many nonprofit organizations. But what if the real answers were already a…

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Making the Case for Nonprofit Leaders

Making the Case for Nonprofit Leaders

| by Linda Wood in Leadership

Approaching not just the “what” in philanthropy, but also the “how”

In this interview for the Social Velocity blog, senior director Linda Wood reflects on more than a decade of work building the Haas Leadership Initiatives, and what lies ahead.

This interview was originally published on the Social Velocity blog, here. In today’s Social Velocity interview, I’m talking with Linda Wood, Director of the Haas Leadership Initiatives. Over the past decade, t…

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How to Build an Organization That Values Collaboration

| by Linda Wood in Leadership

One nonprofit's journey

Change is hard work. And when an organization is fighting for social change and internal change, that’s doubly hard. Linda Wood shares her thoughts on this bold new report.

The Center for Community Change’s new report, Change Starts Here, should be required reading for anyone who is interested in what it will take for the social justice movement to keep innovating, expanding its impact…

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