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(Top, left to right) Cathy Cha, President, Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund; Don Chen, President and CEO, Surdna Foundation; (Bottom, left to right) Taryn Higashi, Executive Director, Unbound Philanthropy; and Kara Inae Carlisle, Vice President of Programs, McKnight Foundation.

Asian American Leaders In A Moment Of Pride And Peril

| by Loren Harris

How Philanthropy is Supporting Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Loren Harris, Kenneth Rainin Foundation's Chief Program and Strategy Officer, interviews four talented leaders including Haas, Jr. Fund president, Cathy Cha.

Growing up in central Georgia during the 70s and 80s afforded limited exposure to Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities and cultures beyond cartoons that featured offensive misappropriation of Asian…

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Woman on staircase with two children

Remembering Our Most Vulnerable Neighbors

| by Robert Joseph in Community

Season of Sharing Targets Emergency Support Across the Bay Area

The Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund is expediting nearly $2 million to help lower-income Bay Area residents affected by the COVID-19 response.

As we look for ways to support Bay Area residents most affected by COVID-19, I would like to share important news about an initiative to provide emergency assistance to our most vulnerable neighbors. The Chronicl…

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Families Belong Together Rally

Immigrants Rights Groups Need Support for Communications

| by Nico Calvo Rosenstone in Immigrant Rights

Four Key Takeaways on How Philanthropy Can Help

The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund asked several immigrant rights organizations how foundations can help ramp up their strategic communications work. Here is what we heard.

As federal policy makes immigrants a target, foundations are stepping up to support nonprofits’ advocacy efforts and work to protect people who are in harm’s way. But grant makers must also give priority to a key…

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Changing the Odds

| by Cathy Cha

Testing New Approaches for Protecting and Advancing Basic Rights and Oppor­tunities for All.

Haas, Jr. Fund President Cathy Cha on moving past a challenging moment in U.S. history and investing in positive, long-term solutions for immigrants and communities of color.

Whether I am picking up my seven-year-old daughter or attending a performance at her elementary school, the scenario is often the same. I see her little face scanning the room to find me in the crowd. Then our eyes…

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Luigi Fu and Family

The Role of Luck in College Access

| by Luigi Fu in Education Equity

A Good Education Should be Accessible to Everyone—Not Just the Lucky Few

Haas Leadership Initiatives staff member Luigi Fu on his immigrant upbringing and what it means to create opportunity for all people.

Getting a good education shouldn’t be about luck. It should be something we seek for every child in every community across this country. I was a lucky one. Having grown up in an immigrant family, I was able to ex…

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Individuals conducting messaging research

Breaking Through the Noise

| by Matt Foreman in Immigrant Rights

Research Effort Aims to Uncover How to Build More Support for Immigrants

Immigrant rights organizations, grassroots groups, and funders are combining in-depth conversations with quantitative research to find out what truly drives immigration opinions—and how to shift them.

Anti-immigrant rhetoric, fear-mongering, and violence have reached epidemic levels. Many people are understandably concerned that our nation has become hopelessly divided on the issue of immigration. The perception…

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Dreaming Higher

Investing in California’s Future by Investing in Undocu­mented Students

Interview with Cal State University San Bernardino President, Tomás D. Morales, on helping undocumented students and their families navigate public higher education.

Today, 11 million undocumented people live in a state of constant uncertainty and fear that they could be ripped from their lives and the people they love at any moment. And yet these aspiring Americans continue to…

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Helping Kids Succeed in the Bayview

Testing New Approaches to Closing the Opportunity Gap for Preschool Children

The San Francisco Unified School District is working with the Haas, Jr. Fund to create high-quality learning from preschool through third grade.

I was 15 years into my career as an educator when I was hired to work at a school in the Bayview, the neighborhood where I grew up. Knowing the Bayview’s strength, beauty, and challenges, I arrived back home with a…

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