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Members of CHIRLA and other immigrant rights coalitions gather at the break of dawn on Wilshire Boulevard and Alvarado Street to demand dignity and respect as part of the Caravana Contra el Miedo.

If You Build It They Will Come

| by Beth Rayfield in Fundraising

Creating a Culture of Fundraising

Does creating a culture of fundraising seem like an insurmountable task at your organization? Beth Rayfield shows us how we can overcome challenges and get on the path towards greater financial sustainability.

This article was originally published in Grassroots Institute for Funding Training As a former organizer, I believe in the saying that every worker is an organizer. As a development profession…

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A Grantmaker’s Reflections on Strengthening Nonprofit Fundraising

| by Linda Wood in Fundraising

Cracking the Code of Long-Term Fundraising Success

Senior Director, Linda Wood speaks to how the changes in Washington are impacting nonprofit organizations and fundraising.

This article was originally published in Advancing Philanthropy, Spring 2017. It is undeniable that the changes underway in Washington and beyond will touch every sector of society, including nonpr…

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Fundraising Answers Are All Around Us

| by Linda Wood in Fundraising

How are some social change organizations achieving standout fundraising success?

Hint: It’s less about the latest tools and techniques, and more about organizational culture, leadership and discipline.

“Let’s find an outside expert who can help.” It’s a natural impulse in the search for answers to the chronic fundraising challenges facing so many nonprofit organizations. But what if the real answers were already a…

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What Does It Take to Create a “Culture of Philanthropy”?

| by Cynthia Gibson in Fundraising

We asked the question, and here’s what we heard

Nonprofit and philanthropic leaders strive to unpack what it really means to change the way we think about—and do—fundraising.

In June, this blog raised the issue of whether social sector organizations needed to move from fundraising to developing a culture of philanthropy. We wanted to know what people on the ground thought about this appr…

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Culture is Changing: Fundraising Needs to Change With It

| by Cynthia Gibson in Fundraising

Is creating a “culture of philanthropy” the answer?

As nonprofits struggle to secure resources, one approach that’s attracting attention is developing a “culture of philanthropy.” But what does that mean? And can it make a difference?

Like many people in the nonprofit world, I started out as a fundraiser. I worked for a development director, however, who had very different ideas about how that job should be done. While her peers boasted about…

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Wanted: Fundraising Bright Spots

| by Jeanne Bell in Fundraising

What can we learn from organizations that fundraise well?

How are some social change organizations beating the odds to achieve breakthrough results in individual giving? Help Jeanne Bell and Stephanie Roth, and the entire nonprofit sector, find out.

Two years ago, when CompassPoint and the Haas, Jr. Fund set out to understand the ‘revolving door’ in the nonprofit development director role, I could never have anticipated the depth of emotion we would find: Devel…

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