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New Vice President of Programs

Welcoming Robert Joseph to the Haas, Jr. Fund

President-elect, Cathy Cha, writes about the Fund's new Vice President of Programs, Robert Joseph.

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I’m writing to share some exciting news. The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund has appointed Robert Joseph as its new Vice President of Programs. This is a role I’ve filled for the past two years as part of the Fund’s leadership transition plan. With Robert on board, I’ll have the honor of becoming the Fund’s President in January.

When I think of what Robert brings to the Fund, I think of one word: heart. Robert has dedicated his career to helping people who live and work at the margins of society. He is a passionate and strategic advocate for increased opportunity and a level playing field — for everyone.

Robert comes to us from a senior leadership position with Tipping Point Community, a community foundation working innovatively to reduce poverty in the Bay Area. He has also served as a program officer with the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation in San Francisco. In these roles, Robert has designed and led initiatives focused on a variety of issues, including youth development, civic education, criminal justice reform, and homelessness.

After beginning his career in corporate law, Robert worked with a Bay Area public defender, which inspired his shift to focus on critical social issues. His parents are from the Caribbean and his family immigrated to the U.S. when he was young. Robert is a long-term Oakland resident and Bay Area enthusiast, and a strong champion of the values that guide the work of the Haas, Jr. Fund: fairness, equality, and opportunity.

Robert’s appointment is the latest news of change at the Haas, Jr. Fund. In the past two years, the Board of Directors has expanded to include the next generation of the Haas, Jr. family. The new Directors bring a range of perspectives and experiences to inform and enrich the work of the Board. We have also bolstered our staff with great new additions, and we have built an experienced senior leadership team to work with the Board in writing an exciting new chapter in the Fund’s history.

Of course, what hasn’t changed is the Fund’s commitment to advancing rights and creating opportunities for all people. As Vice President of Programs, Robert will play an essential role in ensuring we stay true to the mission and vision of the Fund while working with our partners to explore new opportunities for impact.

Please join me in welcoming Robert to his new role at the Fund.

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