Rachel Baker

Director of Special Initiatives, the Haas Leadership Initiatives, a project of the Tides Center

Rachel works to strengthen the field of leadership development for social change.

Rachel oversees special initiatives aimed at strengthening the leadership of people, organizations and movements at the heart of the Fund’s work. Currently, in her role with the Haas Leadership Initiatives, she is leading efforts to help nonprofits boost capacity and results in the areas of digital mobilization and fundraising.

Previously, Rachel served as Director of Learning and Field Building on the Haas Leadership Initiatives team, with a focus on evaluation, learning and building the field of nonprofit leadership development. Rachel also helped lead the Haas Leadership Initiatives’ emerging work to strengthen fundraising in the social sector.

Rachel draws on more than 25 years as a creative and strategic thinker in the field of youth development. Among her strengths are program design and implementation, fundraising and evaluation. Rachel was the co-founder and deputy director of Coaching Corps, a Haas, Jr. Fund grantee that promotes youth development through afterschool sports and physical activity. She also served as interim director of research at SeeChange Evaluation and as an evaluator with Public/Private Ventures.

Rachel speaks Catalan, Danish and Spanish. She obtained a master’s degree in city planning from M.I.T. and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Bryn Mawr College.

Rachel is an employee of the Tides Center, fiscal sponsor of the Haas Leadership Initiatives.

We believe in the power of investing in nonprofit leadership. We want to capture and share what works and build a movement to strengthen this critical support.