Chana Fitton

Director of Expansion, The Haas Leadership Initiatives, a project of the Tides Center

As a member of the Haas Leadership Initiatives team, Chana leads a multi-funder effort to support core grantee partners to reach their vision for resiliency and sustainability.

Chana manages the Haas Leadership Initiatives’ work with a group of foundations to provide customized leadership development and capacity-building support for their grantee partners. The goal is to allow board and staff members of nonprofits to step back and think expansively and joyfully about what they want to achieve and the leadership and capacity they need to get there. The project provides an experienced organizational development practitioner to partner with the working team at the nonprofit throughout a two- to three-year process of development. 

Chana joined the Haas Leadership Initiatives team in late 2018 with 24 years of experience in nonprofit finance and operations, strategic visioning, organizational learning, and social-sector consulting. She started her career in the sector as a consultant with a New York metro area advisory firm, working on management and strategy issues with large nonprofits in the region. 

Chana subsequently joined the staff of the New Jersey-based Fannie E. Rippel Foundation, serving as chief operating officer, chief financial officer and vice president for administration, and treasurer. While working at the foundation, she helped develop the vision and strategy for its signature ReThink Health initiative, which works with regional leaders to transform health care systems in a way that fosters healthy people and thriving communities. Chana also has worked as an independent consultant to nonprofits and foundations.  

Chana earned a BS in economics with honors from the University of Illinois. 

Chana Fitton

I am honored to be working closely with so many great nonprofits and funders who share our belief that the path to lasting social change lies in supporting the interior sustainability of an organization just as much as the exterior mission. People do the hard work of making change happen and they need resources to be able to do this well and to thrive.