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Individuals conducting messaging research

Breaking Through the Noise

| by Matt Foreman in Immigrant Rights

Research Effort Aims to Uncover How to Build More Support for Immigrants

Immigrant rights organizations, grassroots groups, and funders are combining in-depth conversations with quantitative research to find out what truly drives immigration opinions—and how to shift them.

Anti-immigrant rhetoric, fear-mongering, and violence have reached epidemic levels. Many people are understandably concerned that our nation has become hopelessly divided on the issue of immigration. The perception…

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Open to All Door Signs

Businesses Unite Against Discrimination

| by Matt Foreman in Gay & Lesbian Rights

Open to All Campaign Signs Up 4,000 Businesses—and Counting

Leading companies and businesses of all sizes join forces against discrimination and say their doors are open to everyone on equal terms.

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe discrimination is wrong. They understand that our nation, our communities, and our organizations are stronger when we respect the human dignity of all people, and when e…

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Young Girl with Rainbow Flag

It’s Time for a Federal Solution to LGBT Discrimination

| by Matt Foreman in Gay & Lesbian Rights

Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision Shows Need for National Protection for LGBT People

Supreme Court ruling opens door to wave of new anti-LGBT laws in the states, makes federal action essential to protect LGBT families.

This piece was published by The Advocate. In the wake of last week’s inconclusive Supreme Court decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, here’s a prediction of what happens next: an…

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Newlywed lesbian couple

Winning Marriage Equality

| by Matt Foreman in Gay & Lesbian Rights

How funders joined together to back a movement that fought for equality, and won

It’s not every day in a social justice movement when you can actually win and say that the job is done, but in the case of marriage equality, that’s exactly what happened.

This article was originally published in the Washington Monthly on June 22, 2016. On June 26, 2015, history was made when the U.S. Supreme Court made marriage equality the law of the land. This victory for social…

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Day of Supreme Court gay marriage ruling in Castro

Where Immigrant and LGBT Rights Meet

| by Matt Foreman in Gay & Lesbian Rights

Reflections on two overlapping social movements

Senior Director Matt Foreman shares lessons, challenges and opportunities at the intersection of two social justice movements.

This blog was originally published on the GCIR website, here. Tell us about how immigrant and refugee issues fit into the mission of your foundation. Our immigration work is rooted in our founders’ respect f…

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Lesbian couple weds outside

America is Ready for Marriage Equality

| by Matt Foreman in Gay & Lesbian Rights

An interview with Matt Foreman

With the Supreme Court slated to issue its historic marriage equality decision this month, Haas, Jr. Fund senior program director Matt Foreman discusses the status of the movement for LGBT equality.

Matt Foreman is Senior Director of Gay and Immigrant Rights Programs with the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund. He recently discussed the status of the movement for marriage equality for same-sex couples in anticipa…

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