The Power of Listening

A more equitable world emerges when we are able to see the world through others’ eyes. This collection of stories illuminates issues at the heart of our work, as told by those closely affected by them.

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Siti Dyannie Rahmaputri

Studying neurobiology, while fearing deportation

Putri was brought to the U. S. from Indonesia by her parents when she was 11. She was preparing to enter college when the family faced the threat of being deported back.

Siti Dyannie Rahmaputri (“Putri”) was born in 1993 in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is an only child. Putri and her parents left Indonesia for the United States on temporary visas when she was 11. Her father had been a ba…

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Terrence Park

Questions at Harvard: Did you come here legally, or illegally?

Terrence Park doesn’t like the term “illegal.” A Dreamer at Cal, he thinks instead of asking about someone’s legal status, “we should be thinking about why people come here.”

When Joon-Suk Park was 10 years old, his mother brought him and his sisters from Seoul, South Korea to the United States on a tourist visa that soon expired. His parents were recently separated at the time, and his…

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Huyen “Kiki” Vo

After a devastating fire, a new life in the U.S.

After a horrific fire killed her mother and injured her, Kiki came to the U.S. for medical care. Read about her incredible journey, including being an undocumented student at Cal.

Huyen “Kiki” Vo was born in 1991 in a small village in Vietnam. After her mother died in a devastating fire in their home, Kiki and her father and two of her sisters came to the United States for medical care. Their…

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